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Article #4 Release - Mon., July 26th 2021
2022 just got a whole lot better! With the summer concert series wrapping up this August, many where left wondering when they can catch the next Endless Reign show? Well here is your answer! Endless Reign along with grindcore band Hurter (Seattle, WA) will be touring nationally in March 2022! Check out the tour below and keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of months as more details flow in. See you on the road in 2022!

Article #3 Release - Mon., July 19th 2021
Hey there Minnesota Fans/Promoters/Venues,
It has been an amazing 9 years, playing and rising up in the MN scene has been an absolute blast. Back in 2012, this band had no idea it would become what it is today, nor how much you all would support and love what we do. For that alone, we are super thankful for your continued support and backing this summer while we play our FINAL local MN show on Saturday, August 7th 2021.
Unfortunately, our time must come to an end in Minnesota. On the brighter side, we will still be around! Let me explain…
Endless Reign is simply moving. It’s new headquarters will be stationed in North Carolina and we anticipate this move to be in the next few short months. BUT WHY THE MOVE? Stationed on the east coast will broadened our touring capabilities and allow us to access a new and exciting network for music. It also has its advantages on a personal homefront.
Though this is our end as a local MN band, it is a very bright future towards the next big step in our careers for touring and networking. Oh, and don’t worry, we will still tour our way back to our OG home in Minnesota.
As a side note, no positions or personal are being changed as a result of this move.
Thanks again for your support, and see you on the road in 2022!
Article #2 Release - Sun., June 27th 2021
On Saturday, June 26th 2021 Endless Reign played at the Tipsy Tavern in Rice Lake, WI. The event was to help raise funds for the Rice Lake Skate Park, a positive outlet for the youth community to build and prosper. It also was a birthday show for the bar manager Cass Amy. Meat raffles, flat screens and other prizes were offered to help generate funds for the skate park. 
The night started off with MN band Semtex, a thrash band most closely related to Slayer-type music. After an hour set, the event seemed to be running smoothly. Then Gone Vulture (Eau Claire, WI), coming off of a recent show with Saliva, performed and riled up the crowd all while singing happy birthday to Cass.
After Gone Vulture, Endless Reign took the stage. However, due to some technical difficulties,  the show was delayed by 30 minutes and the crowd became restless. Finally, Endless Reign from Minneapolis, MN took the stage
and the moshing commenced, many falling down and others picking each other up. During the song "No More Hope" a fight broke out, involving two large groups of people. A female assailant had attacked a male mosher slamming him into the ground. Others jumped in to hit the man repeatedly while others tried to break it up. After a large standoff, and the show almost being shut down, the two large groups left the venue. Endless Reign went on to finish their set without any significant delays or impacts. Endless Reign looks to return to the Tipsy Tavern on Friday, August 20th. This time, hopefully without any further incidents.
Article #1 Release - Thu., June 24th 2021
Endless Reign devastated Waskos Campground Plus in Lake Nebagamon, WI on Sat., June 12th 2021. Endless Reign headlined Safety Joe Festival, a fundraising event to generate funds to a surviving family of a well respected man nick-named Safety Joe.
The group recently released its third album "Time of Tyrants" during the fall of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. With a fresh new three piece lineup (including original singer Mike Bloodfist) the triple threat exceeded all expectations both musically and through a well orchestrated light show performance.
Most notably, old hits such as "Wrath" and "Your Right To Die" were performed along with the never before seen live songs "Execute The Mandate" and "South Of The River". The band continues to look to completing a few additional shows this summer which includes another festival in Spillville, IA and various other stops throughout the midwest.

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